Curriculum & Education

At Labertouche Primary School we have high expectations in regards to behaviour, leadership and understanding school values. A non-negotiable for staff is to plan for, prepare for, and expect high academic growth from the students at the school. All students are provided with ILPs/IEPs that provide a clear pathway for sustainable student growth.

Underpinning the student growth is the staff shared understanding, and efficient, systemic use of, a variety of assessment and student learning programs.

At Labertouche Primary School we support student learning in the following areas by:Kinder Visit 1

LITERACY (Spelling)

The junior school use a combination of Oxford Words and phonetic awareness. Students will then move to the Soundwaves program to further extend and broaden learning.

Students in the senior school utilise Soundwaves in a systematic way. Pre- and Post-tests are conducted each week and centre around a particular sound or sound blend. A weekly spelling homework task is expected to be completed each week. Student progress is measured and recorded throughout the year.

LITERACY (Reading)IT cyber safety lesson

The junior school students are assigned weekly readers appropriate for their level. Students are assessed regularly and progress is documented on our central database. Our senior school uses literacy circles, in conjunction with peer-to-peer reading and explicit teaching to facilitate student learning. Our classroom practice at both the junior and senior level is supported with the digital use of Bug Club, an internet based reading comprehension program available at school and from home.

LITERACY (Writing)

Our school utilises the VCOP approach to improving student writing outcomes. Our junior school focus is on letter formation, page layout, sentence basics and genre familiarisation within the VCOP framework. The senior school expands this knowledge with a fortnightly Big Write, genre integration with cooking, Chinese and Science. Student written work is recognised regularly in our weekly newsletter.


The junior school focuses on learning number facts and basic operations with a variety of independent and teacher directed activities, including hands on rotations, specific tasks and open-ended questions. Students supplement this learning with ‘Maths on Line.’

The senior school follows a differentiated topical approach to Numeracy that establishes core proficiency with basic processes. Students are then extended with the Maths on Line program that is individualised to challenge each student with their particular needs.


Labertouche Primary School has a class set of Laptops and Ipads for all students.

These learning technologies are shared between our Junior School and Senior School and support individualised learning.Students researching symbols of weather

What an exciting opportunity for future students of the school to become involved in!


In working with blogs and websites all Labertouche PS students need to ensure that they follow these important guidelines. They are designed to make sure that you enjoy these spaces.

  • Only ever use your first name when you are writing on this or other blogs or wikis.
  • Never use any other student’s last name.
  • Never post any personal information-such as your home phone number or home address on this or any other blog or wiki.
  • Never share any of you usernames or passwords with anyone and never log in as another student.
  • Always tell your parents or teacher right away if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Remember the “grandma rule” that anything you put on the internet could be read by your grandmother so only write things you could say to the nicest of grannies.
  • Be a good online citizen and never write or post anything that could hurt anyone else.
  • Never make arrangements to meet anyone over the internet or share telephone numbers.
  • Make sure you publish only your own work. Don’t under any circumstances use other people’s work and call it your own.
  • Make sure that you read over your writing before you post it to check the spelling and that it reads okay.Junior Class Room

To get some more advice have a look in at a great fun site just for kids like you.


Labertouche Primary School is working with the eSmart Schools Framework to guide the whole school community through a process of developing and implementing change. It is based on a great deal of research and evidence about what has worked in schools in Australia and around the world.


Below are some of the student resources that we have been using in class:

  • Maths on Line
  • Bug Club
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Behind The News
  • Kahootz