Students researching symbols of weatherAt Labertouche Primary School we support student learning in the following areas by:

Literacy (Spelling):

The junior school use a combination of Joanne Douna Camera words and phonetic awareness. Students will then move to the Soundwaves program to further extend and broaden learning.

Students in the senior school utilise Soundwaves in a systematic way. Pre- and Post-tests are conducted each week and centre around a particular sound or sound blend. A weekly spelling homework task is expected to be completed each week. Student progress is measured and recorded throughout the year.

Literacy (Reading):

The junior school students are assigned weekly readers appropriate for their level. Students are assessed regularly and progress is documented on our central database. Our seLiteracy Learningnior school uses literacy circles, in conjunction with peer-to-peer reading and explicit teaching to facilitate student learning. Our classroom practice at both the junior and senior level is supported with the digital use of Bug Club, an internet based reading comprehension program available at school and from home.

Literacy (Writing)

Our school utilises the VCOP approach to improving student writing outcomes. Our junior school focus is on letter formation, page layout, sentence basics and genre familiarisation within the VCOP framework. The senior school expands this knowledge with a fortnightly Big Write, genre integration with cooking, Chinese and Science. Student written work is recognised regularly in our weekly newsletter.